Lorelle at WordPress published a series of posts recently on Personal Blogging, by guest blogger Edrei Zahari. (You’ll find links to the whole series at the bottom of each post; don’t neglect the comments.) In response, Damien Riley confesses that “Personal blogging has become my fixation,” and points to The Online Diary History Project for some context.

I was pleased to see these, as I think this is a large — and largely overlooked — segment of the blogging community. Most of the writing about blogging is aimed at the probloggers — that is, business bloggers (or meta-bloggers) who are blogging for money. Most of the mainstream media attention goes to political bloggers, who blog about power, and may make a bit of money while they do so (or not.)

Problogger seems a completely appropriate name for these folks; a melding of professional and blogger.


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